Celebra la noche de San Juan en Valencia

We have here new Night of San Juan. On Saturday June 23 there will be the shortest night of the year and according to many, the most magical. This is a party that traditionally has been held, and that part of a pagan festival that took place early in the summer. Currently and over the years is a celebration in honor of San Juan Bautista.

The place where this popular festival has its highest expression is Alicante. This is where, in addition to holding the Nit de Sant Joan, prepare monuments as faults, which later burned and those who are made famous bonfires. 

In Valencia, the celebration takes on a smaller scale, although in recent years have even held concerts and other festive events at popular beaches, which are usually Malvarrosa, Patacona and Las Arenas. In this special night, firewood is split so that each group of people to turn their small fire and dine or dance around it celebrating the beginning of summer.

Since the afternoon people begin to address the cost to organize the party of the night. And for the occasion, this year we have increased the metro and tram services mainly.

On the night of 23, the metro and tram service will be uninterrupted 24 hours, especially in those lines for the beaches. However, buses will be on strike on 21, 22, 23 and 24 June, coinciding with the night of San Juan and Grand Prix F-1 this year overlap.

Tram lines will be further reinforced. Line 4 and Line 6 that are closest to the beaches have a common step.

The subway will also work at night. Lines 3 and 5 will go towards “Aeroport”, “Rafelbunyol”, “Maritime-Sawmill” and “Torrent Avinguda” and will be enhanced by a greater number of cars to avoid overcrowding. Line 1 will go to “Seminary”, “Paterson”, “torrent Avinguda” and will also have a special convoy to “Bétera”, “Liria” and “Picassent” at dawn. Lines 4 and 6 will be strengthened during the day on Saturday and Sunday.

Enlace a la noticia original (en inglés y castellano): www.quehacerenvalencia.es/noche-san-juan-valencia-20120622

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