Both in Spain and in our neighboring country, Portugal, the same system is used to categorize the services offered in campsites. There are exactly 4 categories, which are still wide, do not cover all establishments, this and neighboring Portugal.

Camping 3 stars
Campsites are classified by a system similar to that of hotels, 1, 2, 3 stars, etc. Instead of accumulating stars, what accumulates are triangles (which are the silhouette of tents). The levels go from 1 to 4, with 4 being the top level.

To make this classification, what you look at are the services it has.

Are the basic category campsites, also called third or second category, are those that are distinguished by having 1 or 2 triangles. This type of camping offers the traveler a more rustic and basic experience. Its location is alleged, the dimensions of the plots are inferior. They do not have a pool and in general the facilities are more basic.

The first category campsites are those that have 3 stars or triangles. They are campsites that offer a series of somewhat more advanced services. These campsites have hot water, electricity in each of the plots. They have laundry, playgrounds, swimming pools, safes, social area, cafeteria …

In a higher category, there are the luxury campsites, which are distinguished by having 4 stores on the plate. The services they offer are practically similar to those of a luxury hotel.

Regardless of the category of the campsite, there are a number of considerations common to all types of camping, and these have to be taken into consideration, when you intend to make the right choice.

The first is the season of the year in which it is intended to go, the conservation and condition of the campsite and also the environment in which it is located. All campsites must have protection fencing, lighting in common areas, access for vehicles …

Choose a 3 star campsite for your vacations
Going on vacation or escaping to a 3 star, 2, 1 or luxury campsite is one of the best ways to be in touch with nature. The feeling of freedom and tranquility is something that permeates each of the days that are enjoyed at the campsite, and is difficult to find in another type of place. For this reason it is important to find a good campsite, which suits what we want.

A good choice is Valencia Camper Park, if we are in Valencia and we are looking for a 3 star campsite that has everything you need to enjoy a good holiday or free time.