Choosing a cheap campsite for your vacations means that you are a traveler looking to adjust your budget in the most intelligent way possible and thinking about your needs.

The camping boom as one of the new places to spend a good vacation. It does not only have to do with the fact that this type of accommodation is affordable.

It’s a good time for campsites. Other factors such as the improvement of the facilities, the good road communications and the variety of landscapes and cultural and leisure offer, not only in Spain but throughout Europe, make this a realization.

Cheap, complete, different and without giving up anything.

In addition to these advantages, we must add another common aspect, the feeling of freedom that camping accommodation offers. The offer of places both for camping and to stop the motorhome, is wide.

Campsites are also a good option for family travel, as they offer complementary services at affordable prices.

In Spain there are more than 1300 campsites throughout the national territory. These are classified according to their facilities and services offered to customers. Within this number of campsites we can find more expensive campsites with more facilities and camping spaces, and other cheaper campsites that do not have the same number of facilities or services.

Apart from the camping, in Spain about 30,000 families travel in a motor home and more than 200,000 in caravans. All of them looking for a cheap and fun vacation, in a cheap campsite. But not only the Spanish, as we must add to the more than 200,000 Europeans who perform caravanning in our country every year.

Go camping, gives us a smart, comfortable, sustainable and cheap vacation. We have known that for a long time. We are an affordable, but quality camping, in which we offer the best services and facilities, without sacrificing savings. Consult with us, or enhance a visit to our website. Where you can check that, cheap does not mean you have to give up quality.