A very good option to stay on a vacation, or to escape from the routine when children do not have school, is camping. In Valencia, a city where we have many months of good weather and some intense summers, we have a wide range of campsites.

Valencia city live

Valencia is a city full of culture and art, the offer of activities and events to perform in the city is very broad. We have the oceanographic and the city of arts and sciences, the planetarium … They are the perfect activities to do as a family.

If the cultural offer is large, the gastronomic does not fall short. And in the city of Valencia there are great restaurants. Where you could taste the best dishes of Valencian cuisine. And of course we have the indisputable Mediterranean diet. Which is present in each of our dishes.

Está claro que nuestro plato típico es la paella, pero este plato tan característico tiene diferentes formas de ser preparado. Y todas esas formas las encontrarnos en Valencia.

Undoubtedly a fabulous city to spend the holidays, or a few days of rest and disconnection.

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City of science and arts of the beautiful city of Valencia

Near the city, Camping Valencia

When we go on vacation many times we want to enjoy the life of the cities. But without losing the freedom that gives us travel in a caravan or our own transport. Parking in the center of the city to be able to walk through it is an unworkable option. If our vehicle is large or when all our belongings are inside. We can suffer robberies, and that will make us look for parking or simply do not enjoy as you deserve in the city.

camping valencia

The solution is clear, being able to take advantage of the comforts of being in a campsite, and at the same time being able to enjoy the city, thanks to its proximity. A Valencia camping, close to the city but not in the city is what we propose in Valencia Camper Park. With a nearby subway stop, in less than 30 minutes you will be in the center of Valencia.

Get to know us and you will see Valencia in another way!