Welcome to Valencia Camper Park!
We have very good communication by Metro with the city of Valencia. From the campsite (Horta Vella stop) to the centre of Valencia (Angel Guimerá station) it takes only 25 minutes to get to the Metro station.
The stop is only 300 metres away (6 minutes walk). Leaving the campsite turn left until the fence at the end, and then left again. We have put up some signs indicating the way.

At reception we offer the Valencia Tourist Card, as they are the best way to move around Valencia due to their good value for money, as they include:

  • Unlimited public transport (Metro, Bus and Tram)
  • Free entrance in the 20 municipal museums,
  • 2 tapas and 2 drinks in concerted establishments.
  • Discounts in the most commercial attractions: City of Arts & Sciences, Oceanográfic aquarium, Bioparc, Hop on Hop off turistic bus, etc. See all.

Here you have some maps of the city and the Metro, but we always recommend using Google Maps in public transport mode.
Here, and also in the reception window, are the timetables to go to Valencia: you have to see the colour of the day and go to the corresponding column. To return, each station has its own timetable.

At the Horta Vella stop there is a validation machine, each person must bring their card close to the red circle. This activates the Valencia Tourist Card and starts a countdown of 24, 48 or 72 hours, depending on the type of card.
When you see the train coming, it is advisable to raise your hand to be seen and for the driver to make the stop.
Children up to 9 years old travel free, 10 years old and over require a ticket.
The last night train arrives at the campsite at 22:45 in normal season, and at that time the vehicle gate will already be closed, but there is a small side gate open for pedestrians. This train passes through Angel Guimerá station at 22:20, for other stations please consult the official website.

When the message “Next stop: Horta Vella” appears on the wagon screen, request the stop by pressing the button. If you forget to press the button and the train doesn’t stop, don’t worry because the next and last stop is Bétera and after a few minutes the train will return to Valencia, passing through this stop again. Request it now!
MetroValencia allows travel with pets, under the following access conditions:
  • for people with disabilities or with their training instructors.
  • Dogs accompanying security forces.
  • Small pets in cages or carriers.

If you prefer to use Metro tickets, bear in mind that the Horta Vella stop is a simple halt and there are no ticket sales, therefore:
  • Get on the train even if you don’t have tickets.
  • Inside the train, look for the conductor and ask him to sell you tickets to go to Valencia (single tickets). It is important that you go to the conductor, because if it is the conductor who asks you for the tickets and you do not have them, you could be sanctioned.
  • If you do not find a conductor during the journey, go to the ticket office at your destination station and buy a single ticket or a bonometro with 10 journeys (better price) to be able to go out on the street.


We are partners of the City of Arts and Sciences and at reception we sell tickets for the Oceanográfico (the largest Aquarium in Europe), the Science Museum and the Hemisféric, as well as their various combinations.
There is no extra charge: we sell at the same price as at the ticket office, but if you buy your tickets here, you will avoid queuing there.

Valencia is the ideal city for cycling. There are many bike lanes and also many bike rental shops.
Whether you want to take your bike on the Metro or cycle, you can find information on how to do so here, as well as various cycle routes around the area.