Welcome to Valencia, the third largest city in Spain.

Valencia is a tourist city, Mediterranean, friendly and completely ground level, ideal for exploring on foot or by bike, and has a lot to offer: the historic center; the “City of Arts and Sciences” with modern buildings by the Valencian architect Santiago Calatrava; the “Oceanographic” as the largest aquarium in Europe; The Port of America held the Copa América in 2007, and the city’s beaches are wide, with fine sand, clean and well maintained and very busy in summer.

Turia’s gardens in the old riverbed of the same river are the green belt of the city: an extensive green and sports area, where many walkers, runners, cyclists and families with children can play and many outdoor activities.

The Bioparc is a modern zoo that teaches us the wildlife of the African savannah: lions, elephants, giraffes, rhinos, monkeys, etc. And in the neighboring park of Cabecera Park, there is a beautiful lake perfect for relaxing on its banks or for boat trips.

For lovers of flowers and plants, visit the Botanical Garden. To visit the city center, we recommend you get off at the “Angel Guimerá” subway station, very close to the historic center. Walking through the old town, you will reach the “Central Market”, full of fresh products and one or another bar where you can enjoy delicious tapas and snacks. The market is always open in the morning from Monday to Saturday.

In front of the market is the “Silk Exchange”, the silk exchange, a 15th-century palace. In which the merchants previously concluded their business and contracts and today is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

From the “Plaza de la Reina”, you will arrive at the “Round Square”, and once you arrive at the tourist center of the heart of the city (from where all the tourist buses leave) you will see the Gothic Cathedral. from Valencia with its imposing tower “el Miguelete”. Who conquers its 207 steps, offering an unforgettable view from above. The Cathedral exhibits the authentic Holy Grail, the only one recognized as authentic and authentic by the Catholic Church.

Behind is the “Plaza de la Virgen”, which is the target of all falleros and falleras during the festivities of Las Fallas, which come to give their flowers.

We suggest you continue to the church of San Nicolás, whose ceilings, recently restored after 4 years of meticulous work, gave it the name of “Sistine Chapel Valenciana”. The entire old town and the “Barrio del Carmen”, the Carmen district, characterized by countless narrow winding streets, numerous bars, restaurants and terraces, as well as churches, palaces and museums, are worth it.

We also suggest you visit the “Mercado de Colón”, the Colón market, an impressive modern building dedicated to tourism and leisure activities, open every day. It is a perfect place to relax with a beer or coffee, or to try a refreshing horchata, the typical Valencian drink.

In addition, Valencia has much more to offer, and we recommend that you check on the Internet the many attractions that this city offers. In the center there are also two tourist offices, where you can give more information.


As a starting point for a tourist tour, there is the HORTA VELLA metro station, which is only 300 meters from our campsite; Current schedules are shown in the reception window. Travel time to the Angel Guimerá stop (in the center of Valencia) is approximately 25 minutes. The last subway returns to the camp at approximately 10:45 p.m.

 — Information and details using the Metro — 

The camping gate is closed between 10:30 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. for your safety and noise. There is a small side door for pedestrians that is always open. A taxi from Valencia to the campsite usually costs around 25€.

It is forbidden to make fire inside the camp. The use of small charcoal grills (without flame) is allowed if you have a shower or a jug of water ready to react immediately to a possible fire. In the motorhome area, the ground is paved and under which the electric cables are placed, so we ask you not to anchor any fortifications on the ground, except in the free ground around the trees. The water in toilets, showers and bathrooms is chlorinated treated drinking water, we do not recommend use for pregnant women and babies.

We would like to remind you that you are in an ecological camp that obtains its energy through solar panels and processes well water. We appreciate your respectful treatment with the environment and make you feel at home. In the region of Valencia, water is a scarce commodity, use everything you need but out of respect for the environment, we ask you not to waste it.

If you leave the campsite with your vehicle, place a chair or table on the plot so that no new guest accidentally enters its place. Even if the area is closed and monitored by video and the staff works 24 hours, we cannot provide a 24-hour security service or take responsibility for your property. All Valencia Camper Park staff will be happy to help you if you need it, you can count on us for everything you need.

We also have an agreement with Recaravan, a mobile workshop for the repair or maintenance of your vehicles or caravans.

The Valencia Camper Bar makes exquisite Valencian paellas, which can be meat, fish or vegetarian, and you can enjoy them in the restaurant or in your caravan, but keep in mind that you should always book. The order can be made in the bar, where there are also tapas, sandwiches, salads and much more, as well as a mini market with products for daily use.

The town of Bétera is 1.2 km away and with its 24,000 inhabitants offers all the services you need.

We appreciate your stay at the Valencia Camper Park, and if you enjoyed it, we hope to receive references from your circle of friends or positive comments on possible Internet forums.

You know this is your home in Valencia, until next time!