Valencia Camper Park against COVID-19

Dear customers:

At Valencia Camper Park we understand that it is our duty to offer a home and refuge to campers and travelers, which is why we keep the campsite open, following our service vocation.

We are closely following the indications communicated by the Ministry of Health and by the Local Government, in order to inform you about the measures and recommendations to be followed in light of the current evolution of the Coronavirus COVID-19.

According to official sources, “transmission occurs through close contact with the respiratory secretions generated by a sick person’s cough or sneeze and could infect another person if they came into contact with their nose, eyes or mouth. Transmission by air over distances greater than one or two meters is unlikely. “

We are cleaning the closed areas of the campsite (open spaces are less risky) with disinfectant products, having modified the usual protocols and increasing the frequency of cleaning the most crowded spaces.

We appeal to your individual responsibility and, if you have any of the symptoms of this disease, we ask that you avoid contact with our staff and other clients, and follow the official recommendations for receiving a medical evaluation, especially through the specific telephone number enabled for the Valencian Community: 900 300 555.

Together we can overcome this situation, thanks for your collaboration.

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